Kan Voice of Music Young Artists Competition

Today’s Young Artists Competition is a result of almost 75 years of involvement on behalf of the Israeli Broadcasting Authority, The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and the Eden-Tamir Music Center. At the beginning, the Palestine Radio producers, Arieh Sachs and Max Lampel acted as

talent scouts, auditioning young artists, arranging live broadcasts and introducing the most talented young musicians to the Palestine Radio Symphony Orchestra. With the Establishment of the Kol Israel Radio, and later “Kol Hamusica” (Voice of Music) Radio Station, a system of regular auditions and debut broadcasts became instrumental in discovering and introducing new talents. For Several years, the Young Artists Competition functioned with the aid of a grant commemorating Gerard Bechar and later with the support of Felicia and Abraham Klon bequest.

For the last 30 years, the Voice of Music Young Artists Competition is recognized and supported by the Ministry of Culture, the Jerusalem Municipality and it is supported by several foundations and private donations. Today, the cooperation with “Kan Kol Hamusika” is growing constantly. It is the largest and most established annual national competition.

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