Eden-Tamir Piano Duo

The world-famous piano duo Eden and Tamir, performed for more than 50 years and gave between 1955-2006 over 5000 performances. as soloists with orchestras, in recitals, on television and radio and in various festivals. Bracha and Alexander met in 1951 as students of Prof. Alfred Schroeder at the New Jerusalem Conservatory (now the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance). Their teacher was the one who encouraged them to play together, just as Artur Schnabel had with his student-assistant Alfred Schroeder.  In 1955 the Eden-Tamir duo received a scholarship to participate at the Aspen Festival and study with Vronsky and Babin. Two years later they won the first prize in the Vercelli Duo Competition in Italy. In 1958 the duo participated in “The Ed Sullivan of Israeli Stars” which was organized by Ed Sullivan, an American television star. Among the talents that participated in the show was also a 13-year-old violinist – Itzhak Perlman. From then on Eden-Tamir Duo became a success story.